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Apr 19 2013

Broken Vessels

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They fell like Rain

Drops of Truth

Full of Life and Promise


The untilled ground was

A Hard Packed Crust


They just Beaded

And ran off


Deep Dark

Pools of Despair

That were


With Shards of

Broken Vessels

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Apr 02 2013

The Character

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He came on the scene

Near the end of the third chapter

Naturally and spontaneously constructed

To find balance

And give meaning

To her chaotic and frenzied narrative.

Perfectly kempt,

Though suitably ruffled

With a measure of ambiguity

And the Mysterious

To keep up the Intrigue.

An enduring character

He seemed.

But her muse waned

And he staled

Cracked and flaked

Into bits and pieces

Of redundancy

That was soon

Edited out of her existence


The plot thins

To a taught sheen

Stretched and pulled

Over the surface of

Mounds and

Mounds of


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