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Oct 18 2015

Waiting Out the Zombie Apocalypse

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The zombie apocalypse is upon us!
They’re all around
They’re everywhere
Those strange creatures
With the dull blank stare

It is alive!
See how it twitches and twitters,
But only the thumbs

Don’t let it get me
I don’t want to be hooked up
I don’t want to become
Dependent upon those

Pull the plug
And Live.
Really live.

Drat, it’s wireless.

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Oct 11 2015

New SF Fantasy story “Blackbird Fly” to be published in New Realms Magazine

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I’m happy to announce that my short story, “Blackbird Fly,” based on characters from my ShadowRealm series has been published in New Realms Magazine.

Check it out:  New Realms, Volume 3, Issue Number 12



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