Sep 26 2010

Ode to Seuss – on the occassion of the anniversary of his passing

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Praise Seuss!

King of the Snoz-goblitz and Doo-witz-itzs

Creator and Master of Iambic Composites,

Of Bamboozled Personas and Resourceful Components,

All Served with Your Very Own

Razzberried-Romped Compliments.

Hail Seuss! Hail the Life-easer!

As we sit in your leisure,

Come tell us a Teaser

Of Mulberryish Measure.

Weave us a Tale

Of Truth-Tailored Adventure

And Untangle the Knotted Quagmire

Till Buttered Battlelines Expire.

Hail Seuss, Sincerity’s Caesar.

When I was just a wee lad

Digesting kelly-colored fare

I was naught to despair

Confident that that mad feline hatter

With his rapid Seussidian patter

Would create a symphonious Epiphany

Dispelling my angst and melancholy.

Ah, Seuss, the poet Olympiad.

But my children, I must confess

The bard of syllabic resonance

Has penned his last euphonic dance.

The troubadour of rhyme, now cloaked in Nimbus,

Is composing his belletristic opus

For the prey of death’s decay.

Know that, a great man has passed our way.

The Seuss is gone, and we are now, in deep distress.

Gather round and find some whatzit-thing;

Get out your hornzogglers and tune your zing-zigglers.

Collect your doozits, pop-pozits and electric mudslingers

Hurry up, for an ode of tone is underway

Complete with a parade along the palatial parkway

A symphony of onomatopoeic harmony.

To praise the Master of wise absurdity

And wail a tribute to the king of word-fashioning.

Glory to Seuss!

Sovereign of childhood’s creative mirages

The pinnacle potentate of bedtime barrages,

Of complex contraptions and ethical forages,

Remember the good Doctor!

Benefactor of life-edification and daydream education.

Glory to Seuss, The Master of Muse.

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