Jun 08 2012


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Perched on the Precipice

Relishing the Remaining Moments

Suspending the Sabbath

Slowing the Cessation of the Separation.



From the perspiration and desperation that is so commonplace

Division from the collisions and revisions that define this race

We trudge in the muck and muddle that delineate our rank and place

Days blur into an in-conglomerate mass of headaches and risk takes

Till we find solace (though finite in its consummated success)

Only in the 9 a.m. auto race,

Meant simply to propel us at a break-neck pace

Closer to that pestering perdition we are seeking to out-space.


Slow      Down


A Moment.


A Pause.


Let the day last a little bit longer

Allow the peace to prevaricate the passing pauses


Before re-entry returns us to that turbulent trajectory

Restrains us to that repressive rhythm.

Of Deliberate Distractions and Complex Compilations

Dizzying our senses into dull Impressions

And Paling our Perception

Until we are nothing more than a collection of apprehension

Regulated by trepidation

A configuration void of significant incorporation.


Until the next Sabbath

When we can stop

And Recollect our lost effect


Savor the Seductive Smells

Delight in the languishing light

Elude the Epilogue


Harbor the Holiness of Havdalah-Separation.

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