Jul 20 2012

We Want MashiaH Now!

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We want MoshiaH now

As long as he’s wearing

The Red Cape and Boots

And when we call, he will respond

And swoop down

From his Heavenly Roost.


We want Superman immediately

As long as the streimel fits

And he follows the right rabbi

And of course, he is above and beyond

All that questionable pedigree

Of David ben Yishai


We want redemption

As long as it comes easy

Without any of the difficulty

That are prone to interesting times

Change is never easy

But its easy not to change

We want what we want as long as it meets our specs

For of course we know best.


We want MashiaH now.

At least I do


The darkest time of the night is just before dawn

– Midrash Tehilim, Chapter 22

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