Jul 25 2012

I Am Not A Luddite

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I’m not a Luddite


I’m a child of the modern world

Born in the Age of Aquarius,

Graduating through

The generations

Of Me

X, Y, and Z.

I even know

My bit from my byte


But, what I don’t understand,

I just don’t comprehend

Is this need

For the leash,

Even if it does come in

Metallic chrome

And one’s favorite



No, I am not a Luddite


All my pencils remain unsharpened

Still wrapped in their packaged

Saran Wrap Cartons

My Bic hasn’t run dry

And the keys are practically unused

On my old Olivetti-Underwood

And the tablets I take

All have touch-screens.


Yet, there is something I don’t get

That which makes no sense at all

Just because

One gets some new tool

There’s this need

To chain it to their soul

And make it the focus

Of one’s goals


I’m not a Luddite


I’ve owned several cars,

Some old, some new

With AC, ABS, and GPS too

I played the mechanic

On a supped up old Harley

Even once fixed a tranny

And I am not confused

As to why my muffler needs a baffle.


But I am confused

I’m completely perplexed

Of this eternal truth:

The faster we go,

The quicker we can get

From point A to point Z

The less time we have

It seems, to enjoy the scenery.


I’m not a Luddite

I like my tools

I respect my tech

I have no desire

To return to sender

These new Secrets of Fire


But I do also want

The tranquility of

Noise that’s not white

And air that’s not filtered

And mostly I miss

Those long hours

That long ago were once

Just ours.

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