Feb 19 2016

Clash of the Titles is Coming!

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Get ready for a new anthology of science fiction, fantasy, horror, steampunk, supernatural horror, weird and more; Clash of the Titles is both a book and a …happening. It’s a small press event set to debut in Kansas City at the World Science Fiction Convention–WorldCon 2016/MidAmeriCon II. It’s a unique idea; a community of writers were invited to claim a title from a list and write a short story, poem or commentary. New writers are rubbing shoulders with old hands writing all-new, original stories. Some of the writers listed are not final–if they continue to work with me, they will be. Here’s a not-quite complete table of contents:

Paul Levinson—Slipping Time
Mike Resnick—Fastest Dragon
David Gerrold—Schwarzschild Radius
Bob Vardeman—Mach 5
Brian Trent—Vicious Cycle of Life
D. Avraham—The Tick-Tock Man
Hope Erica Schultz—I’ve got a Black Hole in Aisle 9
Jonathan Vos Post—Unsafe At Any Speed
David Hoenig—Bridge Out
Dylan Otto Krider—The Day Jessie Came Back
Adam Bolivar—An Ancient Tomb A-Yonder Lies
Judy Rubin—They Came at Night
Alex Shvartsman—Blood Drive
Duane R. Waite—The Worst Neighborhoods of Epsilon Eridani
Erin Gitchell—A Quality of Pain
John Claude Smith—The Delivery
Allan Dyen-Shapiro—The Bimani HIlton
Claire Anne Davon—The stars of Rome Fell
Steven H. Silver—The Old, Abandoned Drive-In
George Nikolopoulos—An Itinerant in Carcosa
Patrick Hudson—The Gearwheels of Heaven
Lyn Godfrey—A kind of Game
Erica Allaire—Do you Feel Like Calamari Tonight?
Andrew J. Lucas—The End of the Line
Jamie Earhart—Making the Grade
Keith Graham-Into Her Own
James Stegall—Down and Out in Paris, Texas
Deborah Walker (As Kelda Crich—Night of the Vrykolakas

(This list is not final—only tentative per authors committing to work with me if they haven’t gotten their stories just so.)

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