Jun 14 2016

Interview with Susan Bianculli

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Part of a series of interviews with the writers for the upcoming speculative fiction anthology, Clash of the Titles. the anthology is the brain child of Glen Bavel, who conceived of an endearing conceit: he provides a list of titles and the members of his Facebook workshop, Writing the Short (SF) Story, use it as a starting point for a short speculative fiction story.


Susan Bianculli’s focus on science fiction because she enjoys thinking about how the future might look from inside a story. Published in a variety of venues including Witty Bard LLC, Long Count Press, Mash Stories, and CBAY Books, Susan Bianculli tries to model herself after her favorite author Terry Pratchett. She found out about the upcoming anthology, Clash of the Titles from her long time friend, co-editor, and co-author, Hope Erica Schultz. Susan was gracious enough to answer a few questions, recently, about the anthology, and her upcoming story for it, “Dreaming Dangerously.”

What made you want to submit to the anthology? Would you do it again?

The idea of it intrigued me; and by the time I had heard of it, the list of those already accepted interested me even more.

How did you come up with your story? What made you choose that title?

A story immediately sprang to mind when I saw the title in the list of what was available, so I wrote it – but the one in the anthology is actually the second “Dreaming Dangerously” written. Gil didn’t like the first one.

How is your story for the anthology different from your other works?

This is the first time I have written a murder mystery. Granted, it’s a sci-fi one, but still a murder mystery. Usually I write action adventure fantasy and science fiction.

What do you think is the most important thing that readers know about Clash of the Titles?

That there seems to be something for just about every literary taste in the anthology.

Would you consider doing a project like this again, with the same editor?

Yes, I would be willing to try this again. I enjoy writing to a challenge; it seems much of my work comes from a challenge.

What do you think is the most important thing for booksellers, libraries and other outlets to know about Clash of the Titles that they don’t know?

That the stories in the anthology have a wider range of appeal that just ‘sci-fi’.

What other projects are you working on, besides Clash of the Titles.

I am working on an anthology with Hope Erica Schultz that will be published at some point in the future about well-known fairy-tales except from a different perspective than the usual protagonist.

To learn more about or connect with Susan, check out her website.

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