Jun 06 2014

Children’s Books

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Actually, the first story I ever wrote was a Children’s book.  I was seven, and the story was called, Zero and the Case of the Missing Vase.  It was a story about a horse who was a detective and managed to recover a very valuable vase.  I also did the illustrations.  My Mom loved it.

Since then, I’ve now written several other stories for children, usually directly related to my working with them as a teacher.

I have two Children’s Books that are currently trying to find a publishing home.

The first is called, The Morebug, about a very particualr bug found in very particular gardens.  It eats everything it can find, but it always wants more, and more and more.  Finally, this morebug finds a special food which it hopes to satisfy its hunger, but can it?

The Morebug

In the garden, beneath the crabapple tree, there was a morebug …


Also, the chapter book, Squared is looking for a publishing home.  Squared is the the story of Gershom, a square little man, living in square little house on a square little plot of land, who accidentally finds himself in an “adventure” in the forest of the Great Beyond, and all because of a troublesome badger named Niddle.


Anyone wishing to adopt these poor orphaned stores and find them a home, please contact me as soon as possible.  – Thanks, D. Avraham

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