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Blight Crossing – He came from across the uncrossable wastelands. A stranger with no memory and no past. Known only as Blight, the mountain of a man finds his place doing manual labor around a simple farm. But not knowing your past doesn’t mean you don’t have one, and as Blight’s physical and combat prowess are tested and proven, he catches the attention of important people, people who remember a mighty warrior whose role in the empire’s wars was far from forgettable.

Like a slow burning fuse that makes its way to the explosion you know is coming, Blight Crossing introduces you to a simple man whose life gets more and more complicated with each chapter, until everything explodes in stunning fashion.   Get it on Amazon.


offwire  Off Wire  It is 1990 and Israeli and American intelligence agents must scramble to uncover the secret ancient Muslim sect, risen from the annals of history, and stop them. While the various intelligence and investigation agencies trip and stumble, often over each other, they seem helpless against an ancient Bedouin sect, who is careful not to leave any loose ends. But the clock is ticking. Secret formulas for a powerful chemical weapon have been stolen from a disintegrating USSR arsenal. An ancient sect, whose very name caused the Crusaders to shake with fear, is back. and have recovered the formula. They plan to use it to usher in a new age of Muslim supremacy. Will the Western powers be able to stop them before it’s too late.

Available in paperback  on amazonlogoAmazon or as an ebook at swlogo


FS The Shepherd King: Book I, Foundation StoneThrough the eyes of Goliyath’s shield bearer, himself a disenfranchised, cynical Israelite working for the other side, the reader is taken on an odyssey that spans nearly a hundred years and the cultural divide of the Biblical and pagan worlds. Foundation Stone, the first book in the Shepherd King series, begins from the seemingly small divergent steps of two twin sisters, Ruth and Orpah, both recently widowed to brothers the fate of the world is cast. One chooses the pagan cults and pageantry of the Philistines, while the other casts her lot with the tribal inheritance of Israel. It is their descendants, Dawid and Goliyath, who clash on the battlefield in the Valley of Elah. Two very different ways of life, clashing regularly, each claiming the same land as their own. It is an ageless tale of hope, courage and conviction whose echo resonates in the world today.

Available as an ebook or paperback  at amazonlogoAmazon,   lulu_logo_retina, Barnes & Noble

or as an ebook at swlogo


zombie tales Zombie Tales (The Astounding Outpost Presents Book 1) Mike Scott, Editor

Zombies,Biters, Walkers, and the Wasted have taken many forms over the years. The Astounding Outpost has gathered together twenty-two of the best zombie stories ever, from established authors like Mel Odom, and Gregory Norris, to up and coming ones like Kayla Brown, and Mike Isbill. Whether you want traditional tales of unread flesh eaters, Zombies on a Space Station, or a noir styled zombie mystery you can find them all and more in the pages of Zombie Tales.

Available in as an ebook or in paperback  on amazonlogoAmazon

your not alone “A Special Evening” appearing in You’re Not Alone: An Indie Author Anthology

Available in as an ebook or in paperback  on amazonlogoAmazon

Short Stories

graphene-metal-hexagons  “Supersedure” appearing in Issue 35 of Silverblade

“Please watch your step, Administrator Queen, as you exist the PT.  There’s some moisture on the surface.  It might be slippery.”

“Personal Transport,” thought Queen.  They used to be called cars.  But, then again, people used to actually drive themselves.  That was one thing he didn’t really miss.  Back in the day, fresh out of the academy, he started in Traffic.  A few months of scraping babies off of windshields could make one appreciate the end of people actually driving their own cars–well, almost.

No one worked traffic anymore.  Except the PTs, talking to each other; coordinating the traffic flow.  There hadn’t been an accident in years–till now.

Continue reading at Silverblade!

sfgenre“Resourcing Humans” appears in Issue #213 of AntipodeanSF

“Things were happening; things were moving — forward!” sang Smith as he sprang from his bed. Today was the day. He could feel it. Today, he’d be moving upward and onward. Not that he didn’t love his job.”  Continue reading at AntiopodeanSF!


HeaterVol03No11 “The Hero Recruitment Bureau” in Vol. 03 No. 11 of Heater !  A man sets out to find, or create, a hero.

“The world needs a hero. Everyone knows it. I’d like to give
them one. We’re all desperate for one. That may be our only
chance, because heroes aren’t born; they’re made—in the cru-
cible of desperation.
I look at the guy sprawled across the floor. His guts were pouring
out onto the nice shiny tiles. He looks up at me in panic.
His face is a mask of desperation.
It’s not enough though.
I squeeze off a couple of rounds. The mask disintegrates
beneath a spray of red and gray. Heroes wearing masks are
cliche anyway.” Want more?  Get a copy of the issue here!


NewRealmVol04No01 “A Hero’s Welcome” in Vol. 04 No 02 of New Realm! A young nomad finds the world’s welcome very uninviting.

“The young man faced a dozen rough men and tried to swallow
his fear. It stuck in his throat. The men looked like they knew how
to use those cudgels; and there were twelve of them. In the last
town there had only been three, and the moment he had drawn his
sword, they all took off like sand rabbits. He looked into the eyes
of the men before him. No sand rabbits there–except for him.” 

Go on, you know you’re hooked.  Get a copy of the issue here!


NewRealmVol03No12 “Blackbird Fly” in Vol. 3 No. 12 of New Realm A young cadet must confront his inner demons to rescue the woman he loves.

“In the early winter twilight that lasted almost as long as the
day itself, the northern winds whipped at the tower sentry’s face.
The mist from his breath froze inches from his face. He pulled his
scarf tight across his mouth and nose, not from discomfort—it
would take more than a little sub-zero cold to bother a Son of the
Pentangle—but more than a few soldiers at this remote training
outpost had lost a nose or a finger from exposure. Stupidity and
foolishness were frowned upon in this militaristic society.” 
Get the issue!


NebulaRiftVol03No06 “Supersedure” in Vol. 3 No. 6 of Nebula Rift A hard boiled detective has to navigate police bots, AI and the overbearing bosses to investigate an event that should never have happened in the modern hi tech future world.  Nominated for eFiction’s “Story of the Year.”

“Please watch your step, Administrator Queen, as you exit the
PT. There’s some moisture on the surface. It might be slippery.”
Personal Transport, thought Queen. They used to be called cars.
But, then again, people used to actually drive themselves. That was
one thing he didn’t really miss, though. Back in the day, fresh out
of the academy, he had started in Traffic. A few months of scrap-
ing babies off of windshields could make one appreciate the end of
people actually driving their own cars—well, almost. 
Get the issue!


dirt2014logo576x92type03t “Could’ve, Would’ve, Should’ve” appearing in the  Nov./Dec. ’16 issue of Down in the Dirt magazine (v140, to be released Dec. 1.) now appearing online here.




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